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2023-05-12T16:41:23+02:009. May 2023|


5G AND HIGH-FREQUENCY RADAR APPLICATIONS 5G AND HIGH-FREQUENCY RADAR APPLICATIONS Boosting new interconnect solutions with AT&S. 5G networks enable wireless connections between vehicles, infrastructure, network services, and other road users such as cyclists and pedestrians. Smart factories will use similar technologies to digitize their production facilities and processes. In automated driving, [...]

2023-05-12T17:15:28+02:009. May 2023|


AT&S manufactures high-end PCBs and substrate technologies for the automotive industry and V2X technology. The first producer to offer fully certified and highly miniaturized substrate-like-PCBs for Network Attached Devices, offering integrated design and simulation services.

2023-06-05T10:14:47+02:0012. April 2023|


AT&S offers sophisticated engineering-services to customers in the medical sector, speeding up development-cycles without sacrificing reliability. In our whitepaper, you will get insights on our services and solutions to the problems that many manufacturers of medical devices are facing at the moment.

2023-06-02T13:51:15+02:003. February 2023|
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