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The mobility transition, new drive concepts and the ever-increasing automation of vehicles require constant technological innovation in how we will get around in the future.

Sensor technology and central data processing are key to vehicle safety and will ultimately pave the way for autonomous driving and robotic cars. Propulsion systems are being electrified. Cars can perceive their environment, make decisions and act accordingly. Data communication is becoming more important all the time, while the number and demands of printed circuit boards and connectivity solutions are also on the rise. AT&S supplies state-of-the-art solutions including high-resolution scanning the vehicle’s surroundings, processing and transmitting the resulting data, and high-performance computing processes.

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Driving into the future with AT&S

AT&S is a leading provider of circuit board and interconnect technologies. It offers state-of-the-art solutions for high-frequency antenna circuit boards in the 24–90 GHz range for radar systems and is currently developing next-generation module solutions up to 140 GHz. AT&S PCB interposers and SLPs (substrate-like PCBs) put AT&S technology at the forefront of ​​computing and infotainment applications. HDI Anylayer and mSAP technologies enable basic flexibility and reliability. AT&S printed circuit boards are already being used reliably in high volumes for ADAS Level III systems.

Miniaturisation and high data transmission rates are key factors in data communication for cars. AT&S provides the finest and most accurate circuit paths within the smallest spaces.

AT&S is the automotive industry’s go-to partner for complex high-end interconnect solutions based on printed circuit boards and substrates.

A reliable partner with longstanding experience

AT&S has been a steadfast partner to automotive customers worldwide since 1961. With our sales and engineering network, we can offer our customers the latest connection technologies for the transport of tomorrow and see projects all the way through from the concept phase to design and mass production. All of the relevant plants are certified according to IATF 16949 and other important standards, making us the preferred partner for the global automotive industry.

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Customers have long prized AT&S as a trustworthy partner

Innovation for the transport of tomorrow

In order to maintain its leading position as a technology provider in the future, AT&S places great emphasis on its R&D activities in the fields of vehicle communication systems, infotainment boards and modules, future-oriented ADAS solutions and 4D radar systems for autonomous vehicles.

AT&S: preparing vehicles for the transport of tomorrow

If future vehicles are to function with as little human intervention as possible, they will need to meet completely new data processing and sensor technology requirements. State-of-the-art technology from AT&S enables high-resolution environmental scanning combined with processing and transmitting the resulting volumes of data.


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