We bring digitalisation into full view

In an increasingly connected world, data is like newly discovered oil. At AT&S, we create the infrastructure that is used to collect, send, process and harness information. Products such as smartphones, modern medical implants and high-performance computers would simply not be possible without our electronic circuits. From engines to wind power plants: whenever complex systems need to be controlled, our printed circuit boards ensure the highest possible efficiency and the most sustainable operation.

By constantly developing our products and technologies, we ensure that our customers can bring their innovative ideas to fruition on the best available platform. Innovations from our research departments enable us to create circuits with the utmost precision and compactness on printed circuit boards and substrates.

We are now producing structures that are almost as small as those of the semiconductor industry, and we are working flat out to refine our methods even more.

We are setting new standards in the minisaturisation, performance and sustainability of electronic systems.

Our products and technologies breathe life into microchips

We help process information

High tech from AT&S: we offer the right product for every possible application.

The amount of data produced and analysed worldwide increases each year. High-performance digital technology is required to transmit this vast number of bits and bytes and process them quickly. When combined with high-quality microchips, circuit boards and IC substrates from AT&S ensure that the flood of data can be processed quickly with low energy consumption.

Our printed circuit boards and IC substrates represent the very latest technology and can be found in cars, industrial plants, servers, medical technology products and consumer electronics. Video streaming, apps, social media and other cornerstones of everyday digital life would not be possible without AT&S. Our technologies and products are a driving force behind rapidly advancing miniaturisation in the electronics industry and enable maximum performance in the smallest of spaces.

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We’re shaping the future

Thanks to our diverse and constantly evolving technology portfolio, we are actively shaping the future of several sectors of industry.

Our ongoing investment in research and development means that we have been able to develop new technologies for even smaller, more complex and lower-power circuits, and to make advances with existing concepts. As a result, we have established ourselves as an innovation leader in all areas of activity – from industry to the automotive and medical technology sectors, and all the way through to semiconductor integration.

The digital world of tomorrow will be connected up with highly advanced circuits from AT&S. We help to make the global networks for communication, energy and information as efficient as possible. More and more devices, sensors, cars and people are connecting with each other through digital technology and we increasingly spend our working and leisure time online, so the infrastructure has to grow. Our products and technologies ensure that information can flow smoothly and quickly while using as little energy as possible. We do not see digitalisation and sustainability as mutually exclusive, but as two sides of the same coin. With that in mind, our products and processes are therefore not only optimised technologically, but also ecologically.

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Innovation from AT&S

Allowing customers to really innovate

Our experts know every circuit right down to the microscopic details and put that knowledge at our partners’ disposal.

More than anything else, the secret of our success is our outstanding employees. We have the best professionals in the industry, which is why we have the most advanced products. We also make this in-depth expertise available to our customers and partners via our Engineering Services division.

We assist with the planning, design, construction and testing of electronic circuits, enabling our customers to develop new products as quickly and efficiently as possible. Electronics manufacturers can react flexibly to the extremely rapid pace of digitalisation with engineering services from AT&S.

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