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For many years, AT&S has specialised in complex, extremely reliable printed circuit board solutions for the aerospace industry, which operates in extremely challenging environments. Its PCBs are mainly used in aircraft and satellites.

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Up and away with AT&S

AT&S is a longstanding partner to the aerospace industry and has considerable experience in its technology and process requirements.

Our printed circuit board solutions provide exactly what is needed for safe airspace: reliability, integrated heat management and maximum signal transmission speed. Most important, they use miniaturisation and hybrid structures to reduce the weight and size of systems.

To the horizon and beyond

AT&S printed circuit boards are used in aircraft controls, engine controls and other cockpit and passenger applications. These connectivity solutions are at the core of primary aircraft safety. For satellite applications – where weight and reliability in difficult conditions are absolutely crucial – AT&S has a unique solution in its technology portfolio.

Dedicated aerospace and aviation centres of excellence and technical experts in different regions provide the best possible support to our customers. Our facilities operate on high-mix/low-volume platforms designed to meet industry needs. Our proven technological expertise in 2.5D, HDI and subtractive and semi-additive manufacturing processes means that AT&S solutions meet the highest standards in terms of safety, quality and reliability.

2.5D technologies from AT&S enable compact and semi-flexible printed circuit boards

Also reliable for long-haul flights

AT&S is a certified partner of clients from the aviation and aerospace sector

AT&S relies on a number of internationally recognised aerospace certifications to ensure compliance with the highest quality standards. It is ISO EN-9100-certified and has NADCAP accreditation, amongst others.

AT&S is a dependable partner for clients from the aviation and aerospace sector.


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In the Aerospace Team Graz (ASTG), students build rockets with which they take part in international competitions. AT&S contributes to the project with a printed circuit board package enabling electronic controls.