Identifying trends.

We are utterly fascinated by technological progress. Driving this progress and facilitating new developments is our mission. Since AT&S was founded in 1987, we have grown to become a leading supplier of high-end PCBs and IC substrates. Our technologies appear in every area of modern life – from mobile phones and computers to vehicles, industrial robotics, medical devices, aeroplanes and satellites. In addition, we make a crucial contribution to efficiency gains and energy savings.

“Identifying trends. Seizing opportunities. Creating innovations.” Over recent decades, AT&S has used this three-pronged approach to become an internationally successful and globally renowned technology leader. By following this philosophy, we make daily contributions to technological progress for our customers and our interconnected world. Our highly specific products and special services provide a foundation and pave the way for interconnection and digitalisation.

Setting standards. Creating innovations

The quality and speed of our services make AT&S one of the leading suppliers in our industry. We develop solutions that set benchmarks in terms of miniaturisation and modularisation, power and efficiency, safety and sustainability. Achieving this means keeping our ear to the ground and identifying market challenges and trends at an early stage. Our customers rely on the power of our innovations, our knowledge and our decades of expertise.

Change is an inherent part of development. This means leaving the status quo behind in pursuit of new achievements and successes. It means becoming even better. Our pioneering solutions have made substantial contributions to market changes on numerous occasions.

Trends and AT&S development areas

Electronic devices are becoming smaller and more lightweight while simultaneously providing an ever-growing array of functions. We lay the foundations for this ongoing development by supplying solutions to increase the packing density and efficiency of the overall system.

New connection solutions facilitate low-loss signal lines with low latency. This represents a significant contribution to achieving the best possible signal integrity with high data transmission rates of more than 10 Gbps and in high-frequency ranges of over 30 GHz. This makes applications more precise and markedly reduces energy consumption.

In the field of electrification, there is a strong trend towards carbon-neutral energy generation, alternative energy sources and electric drive systems. AT&S concentrates its development activities on systems that deliver optimal power supplies with minimal electrical losses.

Over the next ten years, industrial production processes will increasingly utilise artificial intelligence and put sustainability front and centre. We are working on new solutions that facilitate efficient and flexible production while keeping the consumption of resources (whether raw materials, water or energy) to a minimum. This includes using vast quantities of data to digitally optimise and enhance processes.


billion interconnected
devices 2021


billion connected
devices by 2027

Be open-minded!

At AT&S, “open-minded” is more than just a buzzword: it’s our default setting. We are open to exploring new technologies, new processes and new challenges. We welcome other cultures and alternative perspectives that different people can contribute. We want to move forward and value progress. These factors underpin our commitment to the environment and equal opportunities, in technological contexts and beyond.


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