How to solve miniaturization issues in the medical industry


We offer comprehensive solutions for miniaturization on all interconnection layers.

There are various technologies and solutions that could be used to realize the benefits of miniaturization and heterogeneous integration.

In this whitepaper, we want to put a spotlight on three of them and point out, how they could help you realizing innovative medical applications

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New designs, ever-smaller applications and enhanced functionality.

Positive impacts of miniaturization

By using a new production process, called mSAP, the conductor paths can move closer together, thus reducing space requirements without changing the design.

In addition to the positive effects on miniaturization, the straight-line shape is also beneficial for higher frequencies and prevents signal loss.

Moreover, mSAP enables complex sandwich structures, making printed circuit boards not only smaller, but also thinner.

Ever-smaller applications and enhanced functionality

The medical industry is getting more and more sophisticated every day, helping many people around the world to maintain health, to get healthy or to live a life with as little restrictions as possible.

That is why the industry continues to development on high-end medical applications so they can improve numerous of challenges when it comes to product development and still make the product smaller and smaller every day.

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