Cornerstones for the information age

Modern microchips like the processors in smartphones and computers or the cores in modern graphics cards combine billions of transistors in the smallest of spaces. IC (integrated circuit) substrates connect these highly complex microchips to the circuit boards on which the memory, power supply and other vital system components are mounted.

Product benefits at a glance

  • AT&S substrates offer top performance and proven reliability.
  • We can adapt our substrates flexibly according to our customers’ wishes.
  • The high degree of flexibility allows us to come up with new solutions for changing requirements quickly.

Bridging dimensions

The substrates connect the tiny inputs and outputs of powerful microchips with the much larger structures on the printed circuit board to create a bridge between the nanoworld of the semiconductor industry and the microworld of printed circuit boards. Today, substrates are included in the housings for almost all high-performance microchips and are crucial for every form of data processing.

Harness the power of microchips with IC substrates from AT&S

Innovation for the semiconductor industry

AT&S offers IC substrates for flip-chip applications in a range of form factors for high-performance applications.

Flip-chip technology forms the basis for the connection technology and packaging of the high-performance semiconductors found in every modern computer. This process creates thousands of contacts via tiny solder balls between the microchip’s connections and the substrate. This type of connection is efficient and enables contact densities that cannot be achieved with older technologies.

At AT&S, we use an advanced assembly method to produce substrates. This process is highly automated and non-contact, and takes place entirely in a cleanroom environment.

Manufacture begins with the creation of a reinforced core with copper-clad vias, which serves as a base for building up multiple layers of insulating dielectric and copper circuitry. We do this with state-of-the-art technologies like our semi-additive mSAP process. This flexible approach provides the best combination of performance, reliability and value for industry-leading high-density interconnectivity technologies.

AT&S Explainer Movie - IC Substrate

Supercomputers and 3D scanners

Sophisticated microchips, which rely on substrates to enable integration into electronic systems, aren’t the sole preserve of PCs and servers in data centres. The 5G networks we use to surf the internet with our smartphones also need powerful electronics to leverage their advantages. The same goes for the supercomputers used for scientific purposes, such as climate simulations or the development of new drugs. Some high-tech applications like the 3D scanning of an area rely on complex sensors that require high-performance chips and substrates.

AT&S IC substrates applications
Much of the data processing that enables us to use video streaming services and apps takes place in the cloud. The data centres that make this possible use powerful processors and must be fitted with the appropriate substrates
AT&S IC substrates applications
Powerful PCs and laptops depend on advanced processors that can only be integrated into computers, servers and mobile end devices using the very latest substrates.
AT&S IC substrates applications
Graphics cards aren’t just used for games, but increasingly also for data analysis. The cores that make this possible need substrates.

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Technical data

IC substrates
Product CharacteristicsSpecifications
Build-up Layersup to 10-2-10
Buried Core (reinforced)2-layer 100 µm thick, minimum
Build-up Laser Via Interconnect Laser Blind Via, 49 µm minimum diameter
Core Layer Copper Thickness 20 µm, 25 µm, 35 µm (typical)
Core Layer Line/Space (subtractive)50/50 µm, 60/60 µm minimum

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IC substrates are driving advances in digitalisation.


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