The sixth sense for cars with leading interconnect solutions by AT&S.

AT&S is the innovation leader in the development of high-end PCBs and substrate technologies for the automotive industry by being the first producer to offer fully certified and highly miniaturized substrate-like-PCBs for Network Attached Devices and offering integrated design and simulation services on materials and build-up reliability.

Download this whitepaper and get insights on V2X communication, the five levels of self-driving-technology, how 5G plays a role, the AT&S technologies and our mission.

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Download this whitepaper to learn more about our interconnect solutions for the automotive industry.

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We develop fast, secure, and reliable hardware for communication-networks that allows for traffic-systems to meet the challenges of our time.

Fully automated vehicles

The scenario of self-driving electric cars is no longer science fiction and traffic jams will be a relic from the past, like phone booths or fax machines, because intelligent systems can guide cars in a way that guarantees optimal efficiency and seamless travel.

Fully automated vehicles will be guided efficiently by intelligent systems to ensure smooth flow or traffic, but will also allow for an increase in car sharing-schemes, a reduction in congestion and a reduction of crashes and related injuries and deaths.

For a long time, we have been a driver of innovation for the automotive industry, delivering solutions for infotainment / entertainment-systems and Advanced Driving Assistance sensors.

AT&S Semiconductors & modules solutions
Automotive-certified Network Attached Devices (NADs) with Anylayer-PCBs and Substrate-Like-PCBs from AT&S.
The sixth sense for cars with leading AT&S interconnect solutions.

Leading PCB-manufacturer

As a leading PCB-manufacturer, we provide leading edge interconnect solutions that meet the highest quality standards of the automotive industry, utilizing its world-leading HDI anylayer and substrate (mSAP) technologies.

  • Our mSAP-enabled modules reliably deliver network-connectivity with high bandwidth, low latency and low signal losses.
  • AT&S enhanced simulation capabilities save time and cost for the development of Network Attached Devices.
  • We have been a reliable partner for the automotive industry for over 30 years and are a leading supplier for connectivity modules.

Download this Vehicle-to-Everything whitepaper

Get insights on V2X communication, the five levels of self-driving-technology, how 5G plays a role with AT&S technologies.