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AT&S has been a steadfast partner to the medical industry for over ten years and has developed and promoted new technologies for printed circuit boards during that time. Our dedicated medical team is well acquainted with all the challenges of the industry and has experience in circuit boards from development through to series production.

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How we respond to your challenges

AT&S is the partner of choice for all sorts of medical applications and fields.

Reducing the size and weight of devices such as pacemakers is a top priority in the medical and healthcare sector. Our extensive experience in the mobile device business guarantees additional value for our customers.

Modern medical implants are extremely complex and require highly miniaturised printed circuit boards.

The medical market is changing. The speed of development and the ability to innovate are crucial. AT&S is the partner with experience you can trust.

New designs, ever-smaller applications and enhanced functionality

From implants like cardiac pacemakers and neurostimulators to hearing aids and wearable multi-parameter monitoring systems, miniaturisation is pushing the boundaries in all fields of medicine. High-end medical applications are getting smaller and smaller to make life as comfortable as possible for patients. At the same time, additional or more powerful components are needed to implement new features and boost the functionality of such applications.

AT&S Solutions for high-end medical applications
Tiny electronic components open up new opportunities in medicine.

We give customers what they need

AT&S’ portfolio encompasses key technologies for medical applications:

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HDI and advanced Anylayer printed circuit boards

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Flexible and rigid-flex printed circuit boards


Regulations, exacting qualification processes and the highest quality standards

The supreme reliability of our products makes them ideal for highly sensitive medical applications such as cardiac pacemakers and other implants. Our innovations support the latest generations of medical devices. The dedicated AT&S medical team has many years of experience in product development. Combined with our ISO 13485 certified quality management system, AT&S is the partner of choice for the medical industry.

AT&S Medical solutions team
We test our products using the very latest methods to guarantee the utmost quality.
AT&S Medical solutions trends
Medical sensors like heart rate monitors are also used in recreational products.

Digitalisation, trends and applications

The medical market is changing and becoming even more innovative in response to trends such as e-health and digitalisation. These days, consumers are paying more attention to their health and are always clamouring for new applications. Key players in the medical device sector can differentiate themselves from their competitors by offering rapid innovation and reduced time to market. AT&S can draw upon its broad technology portfolio and innovations from other segments to come up with the most suitable solution for our customers. As we cover both prototype and series production, we can offer a fast and smooth development cycle to keep you up to date. Sophisticated simulation services complete our portfolio.

Would you like to find out more?

The successful partnership between medical device manufacturers and our reliable and technologically advanced PCBs has led to many impressive innovations, from highly miniaturised hearing aids to advanced implants.

Download our whitepapers or watch the Over-The-Counter Hearing Aid webinar to learn how AT&S high-performance solutions solve  problems faced by many medical device manufacturers.


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