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The ever-improving performance of consumer electronics products and the miniaturisation of electronic devices means that new technologies are always needed to meet the growing demands of these systems. Innovative products from AT&S inspire our developers to bring out ever smaller and more powerful devices and meet the requirements of the advanced applications that we’ll be seeing in future.

24 hours - How AT&S printed circuit boards revolutionise the world

Making the world smarter

Smart watches, wireless earbuds, smart glasses, augmented reality glasses, action cameras, drones – AT&S delivers solutions that are the first choice for a networked world with cutting-edge technologies for miniaturisation, signal speed and signal integrity. Top-quality connection technologies from AT&S are powering advances in miniaturisation, modularisation, energy efficiency and speed.

With its pioneering technology, AT&S enables its partners to achieve an unprecedented level of miniaturisation in their products

Thanks to optimised interconnect solutions, our printed circuit boards need ever smaller surface areas. As such, PCBs are becoming more compact, while also offering the same or improved computing power. This enables a wide range of applications in entertainment electronics. Higher network density also makes the hardware architecture more efficient. These advantages enable manufacturers to develop innovative new products within specific dimensional requirements and with accelerated processing speed and capability.

AT&S technology opens the door to new worlds


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