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Transform your projects and electronics with AT&S India’s PCB expertise.

Our PCB manufacturing excellence supports applications for automotive, industrial and infrastructure sectors. Leveraging our expertise from over 14,000 employees worldwide, AT&S Nanjangud has the proficiency and capacity to transform your projects.

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Over 20 years of PCB manufacturing experience at AT&S India

A reliable partner with longstanding experience

AT&S is the country’s first and largest manufacturer of High Frequency and High Density Interconnect PCBs. Moreover, AT&S has a longtime commitment to the growth of the PCB industry in India, not only when it comes to the introduction of new technologies, but also in the training of skilled workers.

AT&S Communication & 5G solutions

Innovations for the applications of tomorrow

The cutting-edge, environmentally friendly production facility in Nanjangud is an important driver of global electronics trends in medical technology, the automotive industry and industrial automation, in particular when it comes to miniaturization, wearables, communication solutions for vehicles and the Internet of Things.

Transform your projects with AT&S India’s PCB expertise

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