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From high-end mobile devices to the Internet of Things to the ubiquitous cloud, the ceaseless advancement of modern applications and systems coupled with the demand for real-time connectivity are key drivers for the applications of the future. These developments are generating ever larger amounts of data worldwide that have to be processed and stored.

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The development of 5G technology brings new requirements and challenges for printed circuit boards. Due to the development and expansion of 5G networks, PCB designs for mobile, IoT and telecommunications devices have to be rethought. Careful PCB designs will have to support the new high-frequency capabilities, high speed, wide bandwidth and low latency enabled by 5G.

Our high-frequency printed circuit boards ensure ultra-fast communication with enormously high bandwidths.

Printed circuit board and connectivity solutions are essential for enabling the electrical connections between different components, digital and analog signal transmission, high-frequency data transmission and power supply.

Printed circuit board designs for 5G applications focus entirely on the management of mixed high-speed and high-frequency signals. Alongside the standard rules for the design of high-frequency PCBs, we need proper material selection to avoid power loss and ensure signal integrity.

AT&S delivers solutions that are the first choice for smartphones, portable hotspots, routers/CPEs, data centres (e.g. optical transceiver devices) and small-cell RF boards using cutting-edge technology in miniaturisation, modularisation, signal speed and signal integrity.

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Outstanding process expertise coupled with innovative simulation and design services and our commitment to the highest standards of quality make AT&S a renowned partner for the development of high-end applications.


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