Key Figures

Our key figures give you a current overview of our revenue and earnings development as well as our liquid funds. Our cost management also plays an important role here and is clearly reflected in the figures. Earnings power and profitability, which can be derived from the key figures, are important factors for a successful investment in our company.

in € millionQ3 2023/24Q3 2022/23Change in %Q1-3 2023/24Q1-3 2022/23Change in %
EBITDA adjusted*71117-39%321452-29%
EBITDA margin (in %)13.124.1-22.228-
EBITDA margin adjusted (in %)*18.328-26.630.4-
EBIT adjusted*2.749-95%119251-53%
EBIT margin (in %)-4.77.7-5.314.3-
EBIT margin adjusted (in %)*0.711.7-9.816.9-
Profit for the period-42-3-7221-97%
ROCE (in %)*n.a.n.a.-3.114.5-
Net CAPEX182314-42%699803-13%
Cash flow from operating activities15611733%4974833%
Earnings per share (in €)-1.19-0.2--0.165.33-
Number of employees**13,80015,510-11%13,92215,376-9%
* Adjusted for start-up costs** Incl. leased personnel, average. As at December 31, 2023: 13,792

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Philipp Gebhardt

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Johannes Mattner

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