AT&S Suppliers

AT&S Purchasing plays a key role in ensuring the competitiveness and high quality standards of our customers by coordinating their needs with the capacities of our suppliers and the capabilities and needs of our global sites.

What’s important to us. What we value.

We apply the highest possible quality standards to ourselves, our products and our partners. We share collective values such as sustainability, environmental protection and high standards of employee safety with all our stakeholders. Collaboration with customers and suppliers must be based on a strong foundation of trust if we are to meet these standards and continue to grow together.


  • Document all activities and decisions internally
  • Rationally communicate all activities and decisions externally

Target orientation

  • Plan and communicate goals
  • Provide targeted service to external partners

Global teamwork

  • Be flexible and responsive
  • Provide a one-stop shop

Our priorities

Value-driven suppliers who seek to grow and develop together with AT&S.

Long-term relationships with our suppliers and partners to ensure we provide the best available technology, quality and cost structure.

Joint development and projects to increase the competitive standing of AT&S and its partners.

Standardisation of products and services that do not differentiate us from our competitors.

Suppliers with reliable, state-of-the-art supply chain performance and systems.

Compliance with health and safety, environmental protection and quality standards (e.g. ISO14001, ISO900x, TS16949) as well as our Code of Conduct.

Would you like to become an AT&S supplier?

AT&S is constantly looking for new suppliers in a wide range of areas. If you would like to become an AT&S supplier, please register your interest on our supplier platform.

AT&S is a global leader in the manufacture of printed circuit boards and IC substrates. Our strategic partners and suppliers are vital to our continued growth and value adding. If you would like to be a part of the AT&S success story, your role will be much more significant than a simple link in the supply chain: our partnerships are designed to be rewarding to both parties with a strong focus on innovation, flexibility, resilience and sustainability. In a conspicuously dynamic market, our partners benefit from fast delivery times and real-time communication in our sophisticated supplier network. Our goal is to consistently exceed the expectations of our customers.

Alexandre Allaire, VP Corp. Procurement

The base materials for PCB production

To manufacture state-of-the-art printed circuit boards and substrates, we require a wide variety of raw materials. These range from composites to serve as substrates for our circuits and metals such as copper to various chemicals with which we can create conductive tracks on our PCBs.

Our machines, laboratories and offices also require a range of equipment in order to continue operations. For more details on the raw materials required by our individual sites, please contact the relevant individual here.

  • Laminates (FR2, FR4, CEM1, CEM3)
  • Prepregs
  • RCC
  • Copper foil (ED)
  • Plating chemicals
  • Etching chemicals
  • Surface finishes (e.g. NiAu, HAL, Imm. tin, etc.)
  • Solder mask inks
  • Plotter films
  • Base chemicals such as sodium hydroxide, sulphuric acid, hydrogen peroxide, etc.
  • Copper (clippings, balls)
  • Gold (potassium gold cyanide)
  • Dry film resist
  • Micro drills and routers
  • Press plates
  • Entry and backup materials
  • Press paper
  • Separation foils
  • Test pins
  • Equipment for PCB production
  • Laboratory equipment
  • Testing equipment
  • Assorted maintenance and repair materials
  • Software, consultancy, etc.

AT&S Supplier Code of Conduct

The company’s shareholders, employees and the public impose many and varied high demands upon AT&S as a globally active company operating in a key industry. In our corporate goals, we are committed to prioritising our responsibility towards our stakeholders and the environment. We work every day to make exemplary progress in these areas. These high standards are applied to our suppliers as well as ourselves.

The AT&S Supplier Network

We use an efficient, standardised digital platform to support the development of our global purchasing activities. Click here to go to the AT&S Supplier Network.

Our consistent online system provides suppliers with the advantages of increased transparency, rapid response times, prompt feedback and a simplified accounting system.

We work constantly to nurture a strong and sustainable partnership with our suppliers, regularly expanding and improving our global supplier network. We look forward to successful cooperation and appreciate suggestions to further optimise the AT&S Supplier Network.

New suppliers

If you would like to become an AT&S supplier, please register your interest here:

Existing suppliers

If you are already an AT&S supplier and have been invited to register by the AT&S Procurement team, please log in here once your registration is complete:

If you have already done business with AT&S and would like to register for the AT&S Supplier Network, please contact Procurement.

Training materials for our suppliers

We are always delighted to welcome new partners to our supplier network, and we are happy to address any questions. We provide several documents designed to ensure successful collaboration and to introduce new suppliers to our corporate culture and processes. These documents explain important basics and provide answers to the most frequently asked questions.

If you are unable to find the answers you require in our online resources, or you are looking for more detailed information, our experts are here to help. Please don’t hesitate to contact us at any time with any questions or concerns. Here’s to partnership!


AT&S Kontakt

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Sustainable supply chain

Our work and our products bring us into contact with many other companies and partners. Our interconnection with others means that our economic, social and environmental responsibilities extend far beyond the boundaries of our system, requiring us to consider aspects such as responsible sourcing and effective supply management.

Find out more about the AT&S focus on a “sustainable supply chain” in our blog.