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The number of networked devices has been growing rapidly for years. Semiconductor components and modules are essential in hardware. Server farms have to cope with a flood of background data. Whether with self-driving cars, networked household appliances or in smart cities, people’s day-to-day lives will soon take on an all-encompassing digital dimension supported by 5G mobile networks.

The data processing infrastructure that this requires is based on the latest substrate and semiconductor technology, for which AT&S provides essential components. So AT&S works with leading chip manufacturers and semiconductor companies and, through constant research and development in the field of substrates, ensures that the ever-increasing amounts of data can be processed as quickly, efficiently and sustainably as possible. AT&S substrates are an optimal solution for processors in the fields of high-performance computing (CPU/GPU/accelerators, chiplets), application-specific computing (AI, facial recognition, cryptocurrency, IoT, ADAS) and networking (switches, co-packaged optoelectronics, photonic modules).

Modules for quick and easy solutions

With the growing technical performance requirements and ever shorter product life cycles, the trend towards modularisation will continue apace over the coming years. Mindful of this, AT&S is now also developing the market for modules. By including previously tested modules, customers can integrate entire systems into their production more easily and quickly. This allows them to bring their products to market even faster, saving vast amounts of time and expense.

The AT&S toolbox includes printed circuit boards, IC substrates and component embedding. This allows us to support module integration for sensors, connectivity, wireless communication, power management and data storage. Custom solutions are also possible in collaboration with our R&D team and the new R&D line.

Embedding modules opens the way for the next step in miniaturisation and enables us to respond quickly and flexibly to customer requests.

AT&S solutions are used in the following areas of application

AT&S Semiconductors & modules applications


  • High-performance compuaters (CPU/GPU/accelerators, chiplets)
  • Application-specific computing (AI, facial recognition, cryptocurrencies, IoT, ADAS)
  • Networking (switches, co-packaged optoelectronics, photonic modules)
  • Wireless edge AI computing modules
  • Cost-effective calculation modules for IIoT remote applications


  • 3D-sensing and imaging
  • Camera modules
  • Lidar/radar
  • MEMS
AT&S Semiconductors & modules applications
AT&S Semiconductors & modules applications

Connectivity modules

  • 5G/6G RFFEM
  • Antenna packages
  • mmWave modules
  • Receivers
  • Power amplifiers
  • Transceivers

Wireless communication

  • WLAN/Bluetooth
  • 5G-UWB
  • GPS
  • M2X
  • V2X
  • Low-power remote LAN for the IoT
AT&S Semiconductors & modules applications
AT&S Semiconductors & modules applications

Power management

  • DC/DC converters
  • Battery management unit
  • Power modules
  • Power modules for energy generation systems (energy harvesting) – electricity from heat, vibration, sun

Data storage systems

  • Solid-state drive (SSD)
  • Hard drive (HDD)
  • Intelligent drives (SSD + CPU) with computing power in the main memory
AT&S Semiconductors & modules applications
AT&S is a major provider of customised system solutions ranging from connection technologies for 5G connectivity and next-generation wireless communication and sensor and power modules to high-end IC substrates for data processing in high-performance computers and servers.


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Technological upheavals such as self-driving cars and the increasing importance of data centers are driving the demand for high-performance computer chips to unimagined heights. AT&S benefits from this development and assumes responsibility for the development of the future vision of the semiconductor industry.

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