The people behind AT&S

Get to know the people behind the company and learn more about their passion and drive for innovation.

Gottfried Egger – the luminous IT specialist

In 2021, IT is everywhere. From ordering toilet paper or pencils, to entering a building - whatever you do, information technology is part of our everyday. To anyone who switched to home office this past year, the sheer amount of it probably became apparent. But have you ever thought about the people who are behind this sheer amount of technology we use?

2022-11-12T16:19:35+01:00June 24, 2021|

Challenge accepted! – Ulrike Klein

Ulrike Klein loves great challenges. She burns for inspiring others and once she has set her mind to something, she will achieve it. No matter whether or not others think that is possible.

2022-11-13T11:29:00+01:00January 20, 2021|
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