GoPro recognizes AT&S as a trustable partner with GoPro Lifesaver Award

Published On: December 1, 20160.8 min read162 words

GoPro, the leading provider of action cameras, has recognized AT&S with the GoPro Lifesaver Award. This award, presented annually at the GoPro Supplier Summit, goes to the company that “best enables smooth and steady supply and high quality to GoPro.”

AT&S was awarded due to its long-standing support for stable delivery and premium products to help GoPro successfully bring its innovative products to global consumers.

AT&S started business cooperation with GoPro in 2012. The company set up a GoPro team helping such an innovative company expand into new markets and grow its business at a breakneck pace. Today AT&S provides products to GoPro from Korea and China. Without the team work, dedication and great support by the AT&S Korea and Shanghai colleagues, the success would not have been realized.

Without a doubt, AT&S will play an important role in continuously supporting GoPro’s procurement and supply chain for years to come.