AT&S’ First Batch of Employee receives the Diploma from Shanghai Open University

Published On: December 2, 20162.2 min read446 words

Shanghai,November 30,2016 – 183 operators from AT&S China received their collegue diplomas on November 30 2016.  They are the first batch of college graduates with the major in information technology management from Shanghai Open University.  The graduation ceremony was witnessed by the board of management of AT&S China and the officials from Shanghai Minhang District government, Shanghai Xinzhuang Industry Park and the media.

The AT&S College Education Program was jointly initiated by AT&S China and Shanghai Open University in 2014.  It runs in line with one of the company’s missions “We care about people”.  To better meet development needs of the company and employees, four majors including mechatronics, information technology management, logistics and business administration are customized for this 2 or 2.5-year diploma program.  AT&S assists in full tuition for blue collar employees’ further education and offers various opportunities for employee career development. Over 500 employees have been benefited.

“AT&S is a pioneer in collaboration with Shanghai Open University.  I am impressed with the company continuously investing in adult education on such a big scale.  We look forward to cooperating with AT&S on a long term basis and giving our fully supports to those young people,” commented Zhang Shuangcheng, Dean of Shanghai Open University Minhang Branch.

“In today’s environment, where change is the only constant, committed employees are especially important to us.  AT&S, as one of leading high technology companies, must offer its employees learning and development opportunities. To maintain the long-term and sustainable growth, AT&S continues to invest in the next-generation technology in Shanghai. We need people, who are capable and prepared to go in new technology or direction, to fundamentally lift the industrial benchmark for technology upgrade in China,” said Chen-Jiang Phua, CEO of AT&S BU Mobile Devices & Substrates.

Yuan Minqing, technician from Maintenance Metallization, joined AT&S in 2011, spoke to all the audience on behalf of graduated employees. “Thanks AT&S for supporting my learning and development plan.  My major is congruent with my personal interest and job requirement.  I have learned a lot over the past two years and already use this in my daily job.  I felt excited when seeing great improvement of my working efficiency.”

In the following three to six months, other 2014 enrolled employees studying other three majors will be awarded the diploma.

Employees are the most valuable assets.  Only when they achieve their individual goals can it possible for AT&S to realize its vision and become the first choice for advanced applications among the industry. With newly acquired knowledge and skills, they will hopefully embrace a new future.