Innovative courses at AT&S enable top athletes to receive high-tech vocational training

The Styrian microelectronics manufacturer AT&S is expanding its range of apprenticeships as part of a broad-based apprenticeship offensive. In cooperation with the trade union and HR Bildungs- und Service GmbH, AT&S developed a concept that enables competitive athletes to complete a promising apprenticeship alongside their training workload.

AT&S is launching a large-scale campaign this summer to double the number of apprentices in the medium term. As a first measure, the high-tech group from Leoben is launching an offer for aspiring top athletes unique in Austria. Young people who practice competitive sports have the opportunity to complete an apprenticeship in one of several attractive training professions at AT&S in addition to training and competitions. Above-average remuneration and a curriculum tailored to competitive athletes’ needs make the offer unrivaled.

“We want to give young people the opportunity to receive high-quality training without having to curb their sporting ambitions. This vocational education gives them a secure second foothold in life, no matter what the future brings. We are always looking for young talent and are happy when we can deliver attractive training programs,” says Erwin Zarfl, Head of Human Resources Global at AT&S.

A second, high-tech career option for athletes

Up to twenty apprenticeships for competitive athletes will be available at AT&S in the future. Several attractive technical and commercial training courses are offered, including mechatronics, process technology, chemical laboratory technology, physics laboratory assistant, industrial clerk, and IT technology. AT&S is thus once again significantly expanding the range of courses for apprentices. Furthermore, AT&S will provide new concepts for recruiting additional apprentices in autumn. The average number of 50 apprentices in training will double in the coming months.

AT&S is thus pioneering a new training opportunity for top athletes. Every competitive athlete, regardless of the type of sport, has the chance to do an apprenticeship that is flexible in terms of time and takes different training and travel programs into account. If the feedback is positive, other companies in Austria can adopt this concept in the future. “The combination of apprenticeship and competitive sport is a new way in vocational training to increase the attractiveness of a career as a skilled worker further,” says Heribert Grasser from the PRO-GE union.

Published On: July 26, 2022

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