Inclusion at work at AT&S

Inclusion of people with disabilities has been a reality at AT&S for many years. There is a long-standing partnership with Cafe Beniva, which supports people with Down syndrome.

Inclusion has been much more than just a buzzword at AT&S for many years. A prime example of this is the long-standing cooperation with the association Hand in Hand. The initiative offers educational advice and information on the subject of Down syndrome. In Leoben, the association runs the Café Beniva, a day workshop for people with Down syndrome. Employees have long used the café near the company headquarters of the high-tech group AT&S for seminars, catering, and celebrations.

Partnership with Cafe Beniva impressively demonstrates AT&S’s commitment to Inclusion, explains AT&S CEO Andreas Gerstenmayer: “We have been working with the committed Beniva team for years and are always very satisfied. Guests are always well looked after with commitment and professionalism. The atmosphere in the cafe is warm and encourages creative ideas. What the association achieves here is exemplary. The Beniva helps people with Down syndrome lead a self-determined life by promoting and using their abilities. We are particularly proud of this partnership.”

The Day of Inclusion of People with Disabilities on May 5 was an excellent opportunity to invite the long-standing partners of Cafe Beniva to a factory tour at AT&S. The guests showed great interest in the production processes and content established at the Leoben site and asked the AT&S employees many questions.

The warm-hearted and unique atmosphere that the “Benivas” create every time is a special bonus for AT&S. Meetings, and workshops in Café Beniva have a special flair. For Jürgen Wieser, chairman of the Hand in Hand association, one thing is sure: “Inclusion means being right in the middle instead of just being there. There is a daily exchange between AT&S and the employees of Café Beniva on an equal footing. The humor and serenity of people with Down syndrome are very contagious and immediately outshine reservations and insecurities.”

Published On: May 5, 2022

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