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Expertise in processes is one of the most important resources at AT&S. We have also gained valuable expertise in areas that are only indirectly related to the production of printed circuit boards and substrates, including circuit design, simulating systems and effective test procedures. We share this experience with our customers so that they can develop and refine their products as quickly and efficiently as possible. We also put this service-oriented approach into practice in-house, so that we have the relevant expertise ready and waiting wherever it is needed.

Modules from a single source

Whether built into computers, network infrastructure or electric cars, modern printed circuit boards and substrates have to meet the exacting demands of a rapidly growing electronics industry. The circuits required for such high-tech applications are becoming ever more complex. Indeed, in some areas the necessary structures are fast approaching levels that have hitherto been the sole preserve of the semiconductor industry.

AT&S is a leader in the implementation of high circuit densities and technologies that open the way for further miniaturisation of systems. 

We draw upon this expertise to help our project partners develop their products, from planning a system all the way through to production, the final inspection, and technical advice if problems arise. We develop complete modules according to customer requirements for specific individual applications from the design to production and assembly, to testing.

Our specialists are world-class and assist customers with the planning and implementation of circuits.
We are committed to using established inspection and testing procedures so as to ensure the highest standards of quality.
We help our customers identify any issues at an early stage, thus saving them time and money.

Custom circuits

AT&S has an extensive product portfolio, ranging from low-cost printed circuit boards that are relatively easy to produce to extremely sophisticated high-performance products and substrates. Special technologies make it possible to produce circuit boards that are flexible, can handle high currents and temperatures, or have integrated voltage converters and other special components. We draw upon our expertise to support our customers when they want to develop circuits for new applications. Our state-of-the-art production facilities meet the most exacting requirements, enabling us to design highly miniaturised and high-performance printed circuit boards.

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Simulating environmental factors

AT&S – Engineering Services
We use robust digital models of our printed circuit boards and substrates to simulate how they behave under mechanical and thermal stress.

We know our materials and processes inside out, so we know how printed circuit boards and substrates behave when they are subjected to shock, high temperatures or other environmental stress factors. We use this expertise to create digital models of our printed circuit boards, which we can use to simulate how a system behaves under certain conditions.

Our customers tell us which functions they want their circuit to perform and in which environment it will be used. We use our sophisticated simulation software to evaluate how this can best be implemented technically. Certain functions, like the propagation of signals in a circuit, can also be optimised within the model, thus saving our customers time and money during the development phase.

Quality comes first

At AT&S, we are setting the very highest standards of quality for our industry. We can guarantee this because we subject our printed circuit boards and substrates to rigorous testing routines before they leave our factories. Over the years, we have refined the methods we use to test the function of substrates and printed circuit boards. We’ve extended these methods to semiconductors, too. By using special adapters, we can also test microchips or microcontrollers in our test machines. We help our customers to develop optimal test strategies for evaluating their own systems.

Our products are checked thoroughly before they leave the factory. We share all of the relevant information with our customers.
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The manufacture of printed circuit boards will be included in the curriculum of Indian universities.

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