Statement by the CEO

A global enterprise like AT&S must be able to see the big picture: we want to convert the challenges of the markets, the social and ecologic environment into a long term success foe AT&S as well as for our stakeholders. Sustainability has always been one of our guiding principles, and it is integral to our culture at all of our sites.

To us, sustainability is less about following trends than setting them. Our outstanding environmental performance has made us a benchmark in China, and our entire industry regards AT&S as a trailblazer.

We believe that “people, planet and profit” can be reconciled with one another.

Making sustainability central to our vision and mission

Our new vision and mission are testimony to the seriousness of our commitment to sustainability. It is our mission to take a responsible approach to the demands of our stakeholders, the environment and financial success. Good stewardship of resources, efficient processes, and highly motivated and skilled employees are key success factors for our business. We see our company as a champion of sustainability. Our brand stands for active change leadership – always aimed at making things better. Our people are all part of our mission, and this means that they are also ambassadors for our company.

But that’s not all: Sustainability is anchored in our company strategy. A small addition with a big impact, cause it comes with a clear responsibility, lead to a global position for CSR, directly reporting to the CEO.

We stand for active change leadership – always with ambitious
targets, such as:

– Carbon footprint: 5% annual reduction
– Freshwater use: 3% annual reduction

Innovative concepts, best practice sharing between plants, and global projects are helping us to home in on individual processes and forms of resource use, and continuously improve them. We are also focusing strongly on making AT&S a “learning organization” by providing our people with appropriate training and development opportunities. As befits an international company, AT&S offers attractive jobs with forward looking specifications. Because of our global structure, with plants in Asia and Europe, we also attach great importance to adherence to common ethical principles. Using the Electronic Industries Citizenship Coalition (EICC) Code of Conduct as a referee, we have implemented strong ethical Guidelines and commitments into our own ethical principals.

Investing in our future

We take responsibility serious and document our strategy for sustainability, our progress and projects annually by applying the CSR reporting standards of GRI 4.

We are convinced that sustainable actions in the sense of economy-ecology and social responsibility are a prerequisite for long-term successful business. In this sense, we act for many years successfully and sustainably. We are on the right track, but have certainly still work to be done. The Sustainable Future is part of our mission.

Andreas Gerstenmayer