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AT&S welcomes new customers from the AI sector with sustainable energy solutions for data centres. AT&S-CEO Andreas Gerstenmayer: “Renewable energy and intelligently controlled, efficient data networks are the basis for sustainable economic growth.”

Leoben, March 26, 2024 – The rapid progress in the development of artificial intelligence promises to revolutionize all areas of daily life in the coming years. In order to operate such AI systems, an enormous amount of computing power is required, which is provided by a vast network of data centres. This digital infrastructure is already responsible for 2 to 3 percent of global electricity demand and the predicted growth rates are enormous. The key to a sustainable AI revolution lies in the efficient operation of these data centres. AT&S’s embedding technology enables a significant reduction of losses in the power supply of AI processors.

“Our know-how makes it possible to build power supply modules for AI data centres that deliver unmatched efficiency in the smallest of spaces. This significantly reduces the energy requirements and operating cost of data centres, which serves as a perfect example of our vision for the future: green technology for sustainable growth,” says AT&S CEO Andreas Gerstenmayer.

New AI customers

AT&S will start to produce cutting-edge IC Substrates for AMD later this year, delivering an integral part of their high-performance data processors for computers, datacentres and AI-infrastructure. Other renowned manufacturers of AI hardware are also relying on leading technology by AT&S:  Just recently, two fabless semiconductor companies from the US that specialize in hyper-scale cloud infrastructure, edge computing and AI server microprocessors were added to AT&S’s growing AI customer portfolio.

“AI is growing exponentially and AT&S benefits from this boom, even more so with the growing demand for green solutions. AI can only be sustainable if power consumption is reduced. Our technology enables innovative solutions like the ultra-efficient power supply modules that are delivered by some of our customers to the AI industry. Our technology can make a huge difference in energy consumption and costs, which is reflected in the increasing demand for our power electronic solutions”, says AT&S CEO Andreas Gerstenmayer.

Key technology: Embedded component packaging

AT&S’s key technology for AI solutions is embedding. Embedded component packaging (ECP®) makes it possible to place microcontrollers, resistors and other components freely within a PCB. This allows AT&S to accommodate additional functionality in a smaller space. As they are thinner and more compact, ECP® circuit boards also allow the heat generated in electronic systems to be dissipated more efficiently.

“Renewable energy and intelligently controlled, efficient data networks are the basis for sustainable economic growth. We are proud to be able to make an important contribution in cooperation with leading AI companies,” says Gerstenmayer.

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AT&S is a leading global manufacturer of high-end IC substrates and printed circuit boards. AT&S industrializes leading-edge technologies for its core business segments Mobile Devices & Substrates, Automotive & Aerospace, Industrial and Medical and high-performance processors for VR and AI applications. AT&S has a global presence with production sites in Austria (Leoben, Fehring) and plants in India (Nanjangud), China (Shanghai, Chongqing) and Korea (Ansan near Seoul). A new high-end production site for IC substrates is currently being established in Malaysia (Kulim). In Leoben, a European competence center including series production for IC substrate technologies is being built. Both sites will start production in the financial year 2024/25. The company employs more than 13,500 people.


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