IC Substrates

Flip Chip technology is the foundation for packaging high performance Integrated Circuits used in applications from consumer level smartphones, tablets and PCs to high performance graphics workstations, servers and IT infrastructure equipment.

AT&S provides IC substrates for Flip Chip packaging in a variety of single and multi-chip, BGA and LGA form factors for high I/O, high performance applications, with micro bumps for C4 or TCB die attach. Substrates may have surface mounted passive devices on one or both sides and   delivered as array strips or singulated fabs in JEDEC trays.

Our advanced build-up process, highly automated, contact-free and totally contained in cleanrooms, starts with formation of a reinforced core board with filled core or copper filled buried vias that provide a platform to build-up multiple layers of unreinforced dielectric film alternating with copper circuits formed by a Semi Additive Process (SAP).

This versatile system provides the best balance of performance, reliability and value for the high-density interconnect products leading the industry.

CapabilitiesStandard Production
Build-up Layers3+N+3
Buried Core (reinforced)2 Layer/Multilayer, 100um thick minimum
Build-up Film Dielectric Thickness25um ~ 40um
Build-up MaterialAFT GX-series
Core Via InterconnectLaser Through Via, Mechanical Through Via
Build-up Laser Via InterconnectLaser Blind Via, 60um diameter
Core Layer Copper Thickness25um typical
Core Layer Line/Space (subtractive)40um/60um minimum
Build-up Layer Copper Thickness18um nominal (typical)
Build-up Layer Line/Space (SAP)9um/12um minimum
Solder ResistRoller Coated Liquid, Laminated Film
Surface FinishENEPIG
C4/micro-bump pitch (Pb free solder)90um minimum
Land Site Devices (chip passives)01005 minimum body size