Semiflexible PCBs

Product Information “Semiflexible PCBs”

Semiflexible printed circuit boards differ from fully flexible ones in the materials used, as well as in the restricted bending radii and the limited number of bending cycles. Instead of polyimide, we use standard FR4 thin laminate materials as a more economical alternative in certain applications.

In semiflexible printed circuit boards, AT&S offers:

  • Thin, double-sided FR4 materials
  • Maximum of five bending cycles with a 5mm bending radius
  • Cost effective flex-to-install solutions
  • Soldering without pre-baking
  • More stable construction, simplifying handling during assembly

Technology Sheet

CapabilitiesStandard ProductionAdvanced Production
Layer Count / Technology2 Layer PTH2 Layer PTH
PCB Thickness Range0.15 mm - 0.18 mm0.15 mm - 0.18 mm
Materials FR4 (125µm Dielectric)FR4 (125µm Dielectric)
Glass Transition Temperature105°C / 140°C105°C / 140°C
Copper Thickness18µm / 35µm / 70µm18µm / 35µm / 70µm
Copper Plating Holes20µm 13µm / 20µm
Min. Line / Spacing100µm / 100µm50µm / 50µm
Soldermask Registration+/- 150µm Screen print+/- 100µm (Photoimageable)
Min. Soldermask Dam150µm100µm
Soldermask ColorGreenGreen
Max. PCB Size580 mm x 500 mm580 mm x 500 mm
Production Panel609.6 mm x 530 mm
609.6 mm x 457.2 mm
609.6 mm x 530 mm
609.6 mm x 457.2 mm
Min. Annular Ring150µm0µm
Smallest Drill0.28 mm0.2 mm
Smallest Routing Bit0.8 mm0.8 mm
SurfacesOSP / Immersion Tin
Immersion Ni/Au
Plated Ni/Au
OSP / Immersion Tin
Immersion Ni/Au
Plated Ni/Au
ID PrintWhiteWhite
Blue Mask & Carbon PrintYesYes