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E-Car Booking App, New Waiting Booth at Parking Area 2 completed

As of now, it is possible to book an e-car charging station at the AT&S site. For this purpose the app “RONSPOT” is available. You can simply download the app from your app store and register with your AT&S email address.

You can find all further information here.


From Thursday the departure times of the shuttle buses will be updated.
Click here for the current departure times.


Please use the new AT&S parking lots from Monday, 14.02.2022 on:

  • Parking 1 (Hornbach) is available since 14.02.2022.
  • Parking 2 (waste centre) is available since 21.02.2022.
  • Parking 3 is currently being planned. The completion date will be announced.

Thank you for your flexibility and support.


Click here for the current departure times.

You can download the bus plan here.

Location map

You can find the detailed directions here.

Standby service

In case of an emergency or if you need a transfer outside the regular shuttle schedules, call the standby service at +43 664 / 88460482. You will be picked up by an car and taken to the parking lot (Parking 1, Parking 2) or to the AT&S plant.

If an emergency occurs during the night shift, please call +43 3842 / 44111. During this time the taxi company “Taxi Blitz” takes over the standby service.

Standby service with AT&S Car
Tel. +43 664 / 88460482

Standby service during the night shift with Taxi Blitz
Tel. +43 3842 / 44111

E-Car Booking App

As of now, it is possible to book an e-car charging station at the AT&S site in advance. The app “RONSPOT” will be available for this purpose. You can simply download and install the app from your app store (Google Play Store for Android, App Store for iPhone).

Below you will find detailed instructions for the booking app, in which the registration, the booking itself and all other functions are described in detail.


Below you will find the most frequently asked questions about the new parking situation. We are constantly updating and expanding these questions.

From now on, you either can park at the temporary AT&S employee parking lot opposite the Hornbach DIY Store (Parking 1) or at the second, newly established employee parking lot near the waste collection center (Parking 2). The new parking spaces are clearly marked and can be used free of charge around the clock.
For your way from and to the new parking lot (1 or 2) to the AT&S plant in Leoben, a transfer service with two shuttle buses (for 50 people) has been arranged. The parking lot shuttle service is available from Monday to Sunday between 04:45 am and 10:30 pm.

If you need a bus transfer outside the specified times or in an emergency, please call +43 664/88460482.

For this period a stand-by service has been established. In this case, you will be picked up in a timely manner by a car and brought to the parking lot or to the AT&S plant.

The stand-by service is provided at night by the company Taxi Blitz. In case of need, please dial +43 3842 / 44111.

All you have to do is state your department and show your AT&S badge. The billing is done automatically via AT&S.

On 20.4.2022, the FFP2 mask-wearing obligation was lifted at AT&S in line with official regulations; this also applies to the company’s shuttle buses.

Currently, we anticipate a period of approximately 13-15 months until a new, permanent parking solution is in place.

If you have any questions about passenger transportation or if you would like to make suggestions, please contact Roland Arh.

Roland Arh (Works Council, Process Quality Engineer Senior)
Tel.: (+43) 676 8955 5709

Bicycle parking will be installed both at the plant site and at the new Employee Parking Lot 1 (opposite Hornbach). Motorcycles can be parked in front of Plant 2. At this time, there is no charging facility for e-bikes.

Yes, there are five dedicated parking spaces for persons with disabilities or other mobility limitations.

The reception container will remain at the former employee car park in front of Plant 2. There will still be designated visitor parking spaces in front of Plant 2.

There are still parking spaces with e-charging stations on the site of the former employee car park in front of Plant 2. A technical solution is currently being worked on that will allow these parking spaces to be booked in the future.

Information on this will follow and be published here.

The entrance to the factory is at gate 2. (Gate close to the reception.) Gate 1 has to be closed due to construction work.

Items forgotten in the shuttle bus will be placed at the reception and can be picked up there.

RONSPOT is our new booking app for the e-car parking spaces at the AT&S site.

How does the parking space booking work in the APP?
Here you will find a detailed instruction on how the booking works.

How many days in advance can an e-car parking space be booked?
It is possible to book a parking space with e-car charging station 2 days in advance. The parking space can only be booked for one day. From June onwards, it will also be possible to book the parking space by the hour. However, the parking space can only be booked for a maximum of 24 hours per booking.

What happens if there is another car on my booked parking space?
In this case, you can report a violation in the app.
To do this, open the app and look for today’s booking on the start screen. Next to cancelling the booking and check-in, you will find the option to report a violation. After clicking on “Report violation”, enter the registration number of the incorrectly parked car and click “Send”. You will then be assigned to a new parking space, if available.
An anonymous report of the violation is automatically sent to the AT&S parking manager and the car owner (if he/she is registered on RONSPOT).

I have an E-Car but no AT&S e-mail address, what can I do?
In this case, you can contact Mr Günther Wölfler ( He will forward the necessary data to the responsible person and you will be registered manually.

Who do I contact with questions regarding the functionality of Ronspot?
For questions or concerns about the RONSPOT booking app, please contact:
Francesco Nagy
Production Facilitator
+43 3842 200 2195

Will there be new functionalities in RONSPOT?
From June 2022, it will also be possible to book an e-car parking space by the hour. The new functionalities will be added automatically with your app updates.