New Infrastructure Project “Exploration!PVD” started

Published On: May 12, 20231.4 min read279 words
Reinraum-Hightech von AT&S

As part of its R&D line, AT&S has decided to purchase a physical thin film system “Clusterline 600” from Evatec. This system enables AT&S and you to dive into the world of semiconductor processes. The process technology is so novel that AT&S is currently the only European PCB and IC substrate manufacturer to operate such a facility. This new technology is used for the development of next-generation IC substrates, novel embedding concepts, heterogeneous integration, advanced packaging and FO-PLP (Fan-Out – Panel Level Packaging).

The PVE/PVD system in brief:

• Substrate sizes from coupons (3×3 cm) up to 625x625mm.
• Titanium deposition: 25-100 nm
• Copper deposition: 25-300 nm
• Materials: FR4 and films (e.g. polyimide, ABD, …)


• Leoben/Hinterberg, Austria


• Coating of dielectric PCB material with titanium and copper.
• Contacting of embedded components (no copper termination on front/back side) without laser drilling.
• Reactive etching and
• Plating of z-axis interconnects of next generation printed circuit boards/IC-S dielectrics.


• Clean room with ISO6/8
• Atmospheric outgassing furnace (under nitrogen atmosphere)
• Static substrates during processing for best cooling and particle performance
• Built-in metrology for residual gas analysis

Book your experiments:

Do you have an idea? Then take advantage of this unique opportunity to conduct experiments with a completely new technology that is not yet established in the PCB/IC-Substrate industry. Thin film deposition has become an integral part of the semiconductor, optical and tribological world. You have the opportunity to pre-test these new concepts.

The test possibilities include tests on:

  • Vacuum suitability of the envisioned materials for your application.
  • Thin film coatings on new types of printed circuit board materials or embedded components


Gernot Schulz

Project Leader, R&D Center Leoben

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