Issue of a promissory note loan successfully completed

Published On: July 20, 20181.8 min read351 words
  • Increase in reserves for planned growth with a revenue target of € 1.5 billion
  • Securing favourable conditions for the long term at the current average interest rate of 1.18%
  • Optimisation of the maturity profile and refinancing of promissory note loan issued in 2014
  • Strong demand among international investors

AT&S successfully placed a promissory note loan with an aggregate volume of € 292.5 million, thus securing above all favourable conditions for the further financing of the company in the long term. In view of the strong demand and the resulting oversubscription, the initially targeted volume of at least € 150.00 million was significantly exceeded. The promissory loan note was issued in two tranches (July and October 2018) with terms of five, seven and ten years, carrying both fixed and variable interest rates; roughly 40% were placed with terms of seven and ten years.

With the issue, AT&S can optimise the maturity profile of non-current liabilities further and thus refinance the existing promissory note loan of the year 2014 early. The issue serves the general financing of the company at very favourable conditions and is a long-term component of the value-increasing mid-term strategy “More than AT&S”. With a clear focus on new interconnect solutions by combining existing and new technologies, the aim is to generate revenue of € 1.5 billion in the mid-term.

“We are pleased with the great interest in this transaction,” said Monika Stoisser-Göhring, CFO of AT&S AG. “The strong demand proves the investors’ confidence in the company. With this extremely favourable interest rate of currently 1.18% on average, we can keep the financing costs significantly below the target value of an average of 2% in the mid-term and use the proceeds from this transaction for the ambitious projects as part of our growth strategy. This is the largest promissory note loan AT&S has placed to date,” Stoisser-Göhring added.

Roughly 50 institutional investors participated in the promissory note loan. A particularly positive aspect was the strong demand by foreign investors, who accounted for roughly 60 percent of the total volume. The placement of the promissory note loan was managed by BayernLB and Raiffeisen Bank International AG.