Building for new AT&S high tech production facility in Malaysia started

<h4>A new high-tech facility for IC-substrates will further strengthen the world-leading role of AT&S in the microelectronic industry. With total investments of appr 1.7 billion Euro AT&S will provide 6000 high-tech jobs in the area. Commercial operations are expected to come on stream in 2024.</h4>

“Already today, Malaysia is an important hub for the chip supply chain. We are convinced that Malaysia can further strengthen its position as a technology country and will develop its position in the region as a high-tech manufacturing hub in Asia,” said AT&S CEO Andreas Gerstenmayer when presenting the plans at the end of October 2021. “I want to thank the Malaysian government as well as the MIDA (the government’s principal promotion agency under the Ministry of International Trade and Industry) for the great support throughout the entire process, from the start of our location scouting until today.”


Not only will thousands of new jobs be created in the region, but Malaysia will make a name for itself as a hotspot for a completely new, first-of-its-kind technology segment. “AT&S brings the latest generation of high-end technologies to Malaysia and will establish a completely new technology sector in one of the future global microelectronic hotspots. In addition to manufacturing high-tech products, extensive R&D activities will also be conducted at this new site,” explained AT&S COO Ingolf Schroeder.


All these activities require a high amount of highly qualified human resources and will boost the region’s labor market. The search profiles for employees at the new AT&S plant range from specialists, managers, and leaders in the areas of electronic, mechanical, and chemical engineers, and business. At the same time, AT&S is also looking for about 4,500 blue-collar workers who can work in a highly sophisticated shop floor environment.


Besides manufacturing, R&D will also be a focus at the new AT&S facility in Kulim. Therefore, AT&S is investigating cooperation and partnerships with leading universities in Malaysia. “These partnerships will not only help us to discover new paths for the microelectronics industry,” Andreas Gerstenmayer says. “They will also make an important contribution to the development of extensive know-how in the various areas of the microelectronics industry for Malaysia and, at the end of the day, contribute to the positive development of the society.”


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Published On: December 6, 2021

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