How to become an AT&S supplier

The need to turn pioneer achievements into world class products and processes is central to our company’s value and cannot be achieved without the support of our suppliers. We rely on our suppliers to deliver high-standard products. Constantly seeking to improve, we expect our suppliers to play a major part in this process, sharing the goal of creating world class interconnect solutions.

AT&S maintains a list of approved suppliers. Their performance is continuously evaluated and measured to the highest standards. We are always focusing on high quality and reliable solutions, while never loosing track that these solutions are provided within competitive attributes such as price and payment terms.

AT&S is open for new supplier approaches who are convinced they can meet our values and targets within our material groups.

To be considered as a new supplier you can register yourself by using the following link (please choose appropriate language):

Please be aware the completion of this questionnaire does not guarantee you to be selected as a supplier but it certainly is the first step.