High Current and Heat Management on PCB´s

Ground breaking industries like LED lighting, electric vehicles, renewable energy call for innovative Printed Circuit Boards to meet demanding requirements.
HSMtec-PCB Technology enables high current management and optimized thermal management for power components to be integrated directly into standard FR4 boards.
Fully embedded solid copper pieces allow to partially increase the amount of copper within a PCB and to maximize the cross section for certain tracks, wherever needed.

High Current Management

  • Up to 400 A within standard PCBs
  • Power & control electronics on one board
  • Reduced system costs / assembly effort
  • Decreased space / weight


Thermal Management

  • Direct heat dissipation from hotspots
  • Suited for MOSFETs, HB-LEDs, IGBTs
  • Increased component lifetime / reliability
  • Maximum performance for LED lighting

3D Applications

  • Self-supporting multidimensional PCBs
  • Integrated electrical / thermal connections
  • No separate cabling needed
  • Innovative design opportunities


Contact our experienced competence center team to support you even in the development and
design phase of your project. We will be happy to assist you throughout the whole design and development process.

  • Layout, Design consulting for your individual requirements
  • Project-related calculation and measurement of high current
  • Thermal dimensioning and analyses
  • Practical laboratory measurements (current generato, thermographic camera, etc.)
  • Calculation and design of impedance, multilayer stackups and microvias

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