2.5D® Technology Platform

The New Dimension In The PCB

PCB´s with structural recesses are just one of many AT&S product features which meet current and future customer requirements. The feature relates to defined indents (cavities) in the PCB which can be used to position electronic components such as capacitors, transistors and even logic modules “lower”, thereby giving the assembled PCB a thinner overall structure. Electrical contacting can also take place in the cavity.

The innovation can be used in multilayer PCB´s and allows for different geometric embodiments of the indentations as well as layouts with several cavities – and different depths if desired – on a single circuit board.

Besides cavities, flex-to-install PCB´s with internal and external flex layers are also possible in combination with HDI technology. By using standard multilayer materials for the external flex layers and thanks to the absence of polyimides, an extremely reliable multilayer can be produced. With the narrow flex radius, applying the technology with a flexible internal core offers great potential for miniaturisation.

Unlike the manufacturing technology currently available on the market (noflow prepregs, stamping processes), the 2.5D® technology developed by AT&S has clear benefits for customers:

  • Use of standard multilayer base materials such as prepregs, RCC film
  • Cost benefits resulting from removal of several assembly steps (e.g. stamping, routing)
  • No restrictions on cavity shapes
  • Cavities of different depths possible on a single circuit board (also in combination with rigid-flex)
  • State-of-the-art design rules
  • Application for high-volume products as special processes are not required
  • Cost advantage over conventional cavity  and rigid flex concepts
  • Full HDI stacked via design rule available
  • Proven reliability for flex-to-install applications
  • No limitation in base materials
  • Solder-able surfaces in cavities
  • Different technologies can be combined (e.g. rigid-flex and cavity)
  • Mass volume production capability
  • UL approval for Cavity and rigid-flex build ups


Markus Leitgeb

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