Technology Management

Standard Approach Methodology

Technology Management is a group based department which looks after the strategic planning and implementation of production technology throughout AT&S. Regardless of the fact that production sequences differ between Plants and also board types, Standard Approach Methodology and recording systems are required. Technology Management provides the coordinative functions which bring together all AT&S technical occupations, providing a platform for the exchange of information and ideas. This advances the development of people as well as systems, while sanctioning a degree of Business Unit / Plant autonomy.

Comparative Development

Standard reporting systems such as the Process Capability Matrix and the Technology Road Map has enabled Comparative Development within the AT&S. Where it makes sense what is developed in one Plant may be transferred to others. Technology Management has developed Equipment Life Cycle systems to ensure that equipment is chosen, used and finally disposed of in way that meets AT&S standards; Increasing the life of the equipment while ensuring quality and productivity is maintained.


As the cutting point between R&D and Production, Technology Management provides technology planning of ideas and developments implementing these into the Production Platform. The Industrialisation Service obligations include Expansion and New Plant Projects from concept to fulfilment.