Our development activities are focused on our 4 key development areas:


Interconnect Density

The core competence of the “Interconnect Density Group” is the development of new technical solutions which enable a down-scaling of the 3D size of the PCBs while increasing their functional complexity.
The main drivers of our activity are new consumer products (Smartphones, Tablets, Notebooks…) for which the market demands smaller and lighter with enhanced functionality. To enable our customers to further drive market trends, we work to continuously reduce the dimensions of the conductive structures (traces and vias) and the thickness of the boards, while introducing new high-density interconnection solutions and increasing the electrical and mechanical performance of the final product.

Mechanical Integration

The scope of mechanical integration is the optimization and utilization of the available space in a PCB by introducing alternative Rigid-Flex solutions or cavities. A second key aspect is the integration of additional functions such as thermal management and high frequency in electronic devices using the PCB.

Functionality Integration

The core development sector Functionality Integration focusses the development of new solutions to embed components that cannot be embedded using current AT&S ECP®-technology.

Printed solutions

This core development sector focuses on new solutions to reduce the use of water and other natural resources (i.e. copper). Thereby we develop new technologies based on printing technology, in order to enable future production with minimal use of natural resources.