Product Development and Industrialization


AT&S is specialized in providing the development of technological services for high end printed circuits boards, components, and modules with the advanced technology FO-SiB


  • Multi-component, dual side FO-PLP – vertical stacking option
  • Standard PCB/substrate materials
  • CCE (Center Core Embedding) PCB technology combined with 9/12 µm L/S substrate layers, total thickness < 200µm, CCE glass composite, and symmetric substrate build-up also used as a stiffener
  • Optimized by L/S technology mixing – SAP + mSAP + HDI
  • New technology – RF, AiP, sensor integration,
  • Reduced metallic interfaces, low signal to noise ratios, low/high power combination in a single module, thick Cu for electrical shielding, and heat sinks


Contact our experienced competence center team to support you even in the development and the design phase of your project. We will be happy to assist you throughout the whole design and development process.

  • Layout, Design consulting for your individual requirements
  • Project-related calculation and measurement of high current
  • Thermal dimensioning and analyses
  • Practical laboratory measurements (current generato, thermographic camera, etc.)
  • Calculation and design of impedance, multilayer stackups and microvias

FO-SiB™ concept: Combining PCB + Substrate technologies with multi-die embedding in a single technology platform to enable single-function, multi-function, and “All-in-One” module integration solutions

Advanced application in

  • Radio Frequency (Wireless Communication, Sensing, Energy Harvesting – 5G, M2M, IoT, RADAR, …);
  • Sensors and Actuators (Optical Sensors and Cameras, Environmental Sensors, Microphones and Speakers, AR/VR, Hearing aids;
  • Computing & Data Storage (Smartphones, PCs, Smartwatches, Data centres, SSD, ADAS/ Centralized, Computing)


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