Product Development and Industrialization


AT&S is specialized in providing the development of technological services for high end printed circuits boards, components, and modules with the advanced technology FO-SiB


  • Multi-component, dual side FO-PLP – vertical stacking option
  • Standard PCB/substrate materials
  • CCE (Center Core Embedding) PCB technology combined with 9/12 µm L/S substrate layers, total thickness < 200µm, CCE glass composite, and symmetric substrate build-up also used as a stiffener
  • Optimized by L/S technology mixing – SAP + mSAP + HDI
  • New technology – RF, AiP, sensor integration,
  • Reduced metallic interfaces, low signal to noise ratios, low/high power combination in a single module, thick Cu for electrical shielding, and heat sinks

FO-SiB™ concept: Combining PCB + Substrate technologies with multi-die embedding in a single technology platform to enable single-function, multi-function, and “All-in-One” module integration solutions

Advanced application in

  • Radio Frequency (Wireless Communication, Sensing, Energy Harvesting – 5G, M2M, IoT, RADAR, …);
  • Sensors and Actuators (Optical Sensors and Cameras, Environmental Sensors, Microphones and Speakers, AR/VR, Hearing aids;
  • Computing & Data Storage (Smartphones, PCs, Smartwatches, Data centres, SSD, ADAS/ Centralized, Computing)


Sales, engineering and business offices

United States

AT&S Americas LLC
1735 North First Street, Suite 250, San Jose, CA 95112, USA
Tel: +1 408 454 5295
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AT&S Deutschland GmbH
Am Ellernbusch 18-20
52355 Düren, Germany
Tel: +49 2421 4404 900
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