Advanced Concepts

AT&S Technology Pioneer

AT&S has set its strategic focus towards becoming a technology pioneer and trendsetter in the PCB manufacturing business, known by the customers for its innovative strength, its steady stream of genuine high end technology developments and its power to tackle any technical challenges by using state of the art innovation management processes, engineering creativity and a sound approach with respect to the balance of costs versus benefits.

To achieve this differentiation the team of Advanced Concepts supports these objectives by a manifold of different activities and projects.

With respect to the strategic goal of becoming a technology pioneer, Advanced Concepts is bound to scout for new and emerging technologies which could become the game-changing innovation for the PCB industry of the next decade.

Advanced Concepts therefore conducts technology screening and monitoring actions as well as business development analyses on emerging technologies and products by combining investigations on the business potentials and risks while in parallel reviewing potential roadblocks on the field of technical viability and intellectual property.

Product Development and Industrialization

Advanced Concepts goal is to establish readiness of the technology for further product development and finally successful industrialization and market launch.
We believe that close cross-functional cooperation with the customer but also with the different organizational functions of AT&S is the best way to achieve this goal.