New products and technologies will lead to rapid success on the market.  In order to ensure that we meet this demand, we work according to a clearly defined innovation process (called AT&S Stage-Gate® Process) that identifies promising projects at an early stage, then focuses development resources on those projects.  Hence, time to market decreases and the chances of a successful market launch increase.  Each Stage-Gate® Process step is reflected in our organizational structure starting with Advanced Concepts followed by Development and Technology Management. Innovation Management facilitates the whole process from the beginning.

Hannes Voraberger – Director Research & Development

In AT&S we understand innovation as the driving force behind every business. As one of the most innovative companies in PCB business we are developing high integrated and efficient electronic interconnect solutions
for a connected world of tomorrow.

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Hannes Stahr – Group Manager Technology

With our highly skilled R&D team we are developing your next generation of applications with advanced technologies

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