R&D Funding


Digital Energy Twin

Optimised Operation and Design of Industrial Energy Systems

The overall objective of DigitalEnergyTwin is to support the industry with the development of a methodology and software tool to optimize the operation and design of industrial energy systems. By this, industry will be supported for the first time with reliable solutions in terms of fluctuating, volatile and renewable energy supply well designed for efficient process technologies.

Inno – EBS

Inno-EBS (Electronic Based Systems) qualification programme concentrates on the transfer of state-of-the-art cross-sectional competences in hardware, embedded software and systems. The program addresses target groups from these areas as well as generalists in innovation management. Within the framework of four target group-specific tracks, the most burning topics of companies in EBS are dealt with.




Challenging environments tolerant Smart systems for IoT and AI

CHARM aims to develop solutions for application of ECS (Electronics, Components and Systems) technologies that tolerate harsh industrial surroundings. Within the project, the use cases from six different industrial sectors (mining, paper mills, grinding, solar panel manufacturing lines, digital printing as well as nuclear power plants maintenance and decommissioning) will be developed. The planned activities contribute to the leadership of European ECS ecosystem, fostering it not only by the new know how and competitiveness, but also by providing new business opportunities and value chains within European markets. In addition, the project will foster the manufacturing industries by enabling new digitalization capabilities as well as new contacts to European ECS community.


Highly EFFICIENT and reliable electric drivetrains based on modular, intelligent and highly integrated wide band gap power electronics modules

The project introduces highly advanced, integrated, and reliable wide-bandgap technologies such as highly energy-efficient and reliable power electronics to all types of electrified vehicles and charging infrastructure. This will foster smart mobility, resulting in a significant impact on all levels along the value chain. HiEFFICIENT partners have set ambitious goals to gain higher acceptance and achieve the maximum benefit in using WBG semiconductors.


Intelligent Reliability 4.0

The project “Intelligent Reliability 4.0” (iRel4.0) has the ultimate goal of improving reliability for electronic components and systems by reducing failure rates along the entire value chain (starting from the development to the production, application and the end-of-life of the building blocks). Innovative test methods and extended implementation of sensor-based system controlling will allow for identification of parts and systems under risk, as well as for implementation of new maintenance models. Project results will strengthen production along the value chain and support sustainable success of Electronic Components and Systems investment in Europe. The project supports new applications and reliable chips push applications in energy efficiency, e-mobility, autonomous driving and IoT.


Research for GaN technologies, devices, packages and applications to address the challenges of the future GaN roadmap

The project “UltimateGaN” aims at achieving significant improvements in terms of the CO2 footprint of the digitalisation. This will be done by enabling the more efficient next generation of Gallium Nitride (GaN)-technologies and packages for the European Electronic Components and Systems industry. The resulting affordable GaN-devices will enable a broad spectrum of innovative and energy efficient applications that foster the digitalisation attempts and support European leadership in high performance power electronics and RF applications domains.

Horizon 2020



D-band radio 5G network technology

The DRAGON project, through the exploitation of the radio spectrum in D-band (130-174.8 GHz)1, will overcome the constraints of current E-band wireless backhaul solutions to achieve a small-form factor and high-capacity radio solution, suitable for massive deployment, that will enable bringing the speed of optical systems to backhaul systems in a cost effective way. DRAGON offers prospects for new semiconductor, antenna and packaging technologies and the consequent hardware devices to enter the market and to create new economic opportunities.




Important Project of Common European Interest on Microelectronics

IPCEI ME I is a key strategic instrument of the European Union that supports transnational cooperation projects with major synergies in microelectronics. It ensures that the entire microelectronics value chain is reliably available to local players, bringing together knowledge, expertise, financial resources and economic actors with a dedicated focus on Research and Development as well as First Industrial Deployment. Within IPCEI ME I, companies advance ambitious research, development and innovation measures. They can also invest in special equipment and construction, creating conditions that can be used for many purposes in the long term.

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