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Multilayer printed circuit boards came into the industry with the advent of SMD population. They are found almost everywhere, wherever electronics are in use – from aircraft to motorcycles, and storage power stations to photovoltaics. AT&S produces printed circuit boards in whatever numbers are required – from individual prototypes to small batches and mass production. The number of layers ranges from 4 to 28, with a maximum thickness of 3.2mm.

AT&S offers multilayer printed circuit boards with the following special technologies:

  • Edge plating for shielding and ground connection
  • High frequency base materials for applications up to 80 GHz
  • Cavities, countersunk holes or depth milling
  • Thick copper up to 105μm (inner and outer layers)
  • 500μm thick copper inlays using HSMtec technology
  • Solder resist in green, white, black, blue, grey, brown, etc.
  • Controlled impedances (single, differential, etc.)
  • All recognised printed circuit board industry surfaces available