Rigid – Flexible PCBs

Product Information “Rigid – Flexible PCBs”

Rigid-flexible printed circuit boards directly combine the advantages of flexible and rigid printed circuit boards. This combination of technologies brings the user a variety of advantages especially in terms of signal transmission, overall size, assembly and stability. AT&S produces this technology in three of its plants, allowing it to offer a wide range of products and expertise.

In rigid-flexible printed circuit boards, AT&S offers:

  • Printed circuit boards with rigid areas, and flexible areas with reduced numbers of layers
  • Combination of polyimide and FR4, or FR4 and thin laminate
  • Rigid-flexible printed circuit boards, which connect rigid boards without the need for cables or connectors, resulting in better signal transmission
  • With SMD population and underfill
  • All commonly used surfaces available

Technology Sheet

CapabilitiesStandard ProductionAdvanced Production
Layer Count / Technology2 Layer - 10 Layer2 Layer - 12 Layer
PCB Thickness Range75µm - 1600µm50µm - 2000µm
Materials Polyimide / FR4Polyimide / FR4
Thinnest Core50µm without Adhesive25µm without Adhesive
Copper Thickness9µm / 12µm / 18µm / 35µm9µm / 12µm / 18µm / 35µm
Copper Plating Holes20µm (25µm)13µm / 20µm / 25µm
Min. Line / Spacing125µm / 125µm65µm / 65µm ( LDI )
Soldermask Registration+/- 100µm (Photoimageable)+/- 50µm (Photoimageable)
Min. Soldermask Dam100µm65µm
Soldermask ColorAmber (green)Amber (green)
Cover Layer PolyimideLaser cutting / punching / drilledLaser cutting / punching / drilled
Production Panel609.6 mm x 457.2 mm
250 mm x (250 - 410 mm)
609.6 mm x 457.2 mm
250 mm x (250 - 410 mm)
Min. Annular Ring150µm150µm
Smallest Drill0.28 mm0.2 mm
Smallest Routing Bit0.8 mm0.8 mm
SurfacesOSP / Immersion Tin
Immersion Ni/Au
Plated Ni/Au
OSP/ Immersion Tin
Immersion Ni/Au
Plated Ni/Au
ID PrintWhiteWhite
Adhesive TapeYesYes
SMT ServiceYesYes
Stiffner MaterialFR4 / Steel / AluminiumFR4 / Steel / Aluminium