Flexible PCBs on Aluminium

Product Information “Flexible PCBs on Aluminium”

The use of LEDs in the automotive industry and in lighting in buildings has posed new challenges in the shape and design of printed circuit boards. When installing LEDs in front headlights, for example, the printed circuit board is bonded to an aluminium heat sink to which the LEDs are then attached. The printed circuit boards offered by AT&S have either one, two or three layers (HDI).

AT&S offers the following options:

  • Aluminium or copper heat sinks
  • Available with thermally conductive bonding material or prepreg (0.3-3.0 W/(m•K))
  • Available in punched version, or routed

Technology Sheet

CapabilitiesStandard ProductionAdvanced Production
Layer Count / TechnologySingle Sided - 2 Layer PCBSingle Sided - 3 Layer
PCB Thickness Range75µm - 800µm (including Stiffner)50µm - 1200µm (including Stiffner)
Materials PolyimidePolyimide
Thinnest Core50µm without Adhesive25µm without Adhesive
Copper Thickness9µm / 12µm / 18µm / 35µm9µm / 12µm / 18µm / 35µm
Copper Plating Holes20µm (25µm)13µm / 20µm / 25µm
Min. Line / Spacing125µm / 125µm65µm / 65µm (LDI)
Soldermask Registration+/- 100µm (Photoimageable)+/- 50µm (Photoimageable)
Min. Soldermask Dam100µm65µm
Soldermask ColorAmber (green)Amber (green)
Cover Layer PolyimideLaser cutting / punching / drilledLaser cutting / punching / drilled
Production Panel609.6 mm x 457.2 mm
250 mm x (250 - 410 mm)
609.6 mm x 457.2 mm
250 mm x (250 - 410 mm)
Min. Annular Ring150µm150µm
Smallest Drill0.28 mm0.2 mm
Smallest Routing Bit0.8 mm0.8 mm
SurfacesOSP / Immersion Tin
Immersion Ni/Au
Plated Ni/Au
OSP / Immersion Tin
Immersion Ni/Au
Plated Ni/Au
ID PrintWhiteWhite
Adhesive TapeYesYes
SMT ServiceYesYes
Stiffner MaterialFR4 / Steel / AluminiumFR4 / Steel / Aluminium