Former AT&S Ad-hoc-Announcements

DateAd-hoc AnnouncementsDownloads
22.10.2012AT&S Half Year Results 2012/13Download PDF
24.07.2012AT&S Results for the 1st Quarter 2012/13Download PDF
10.05.2012AT&S results for the FY 2011/12Download PDF
24.01.2012AT&S sales in Mobile Devices reach new record highDownload PDF
20.10.2011AT&S reports solid second quarterDownload PDF
05.09.2011AT&S AG intends to issue of a corporate bondDownload PDF
20.07.2011AT&S Results for the 1st Quarter 2011/12Download PDF
06.05.2011AT&S Outlook 2011/12Download PDF
01.03.2011AT&S lays foundations for further growth in the high-end PCB mar Download PDF
25.01.2011AT&S Results for 3rd Quarter 2010/11Download PDF
21.10.2010AT&S Results for the First Half-Year 2010/11Download PDF
08.10.2010Change in the Management BoardDownload PDF
22.07.2010AT&S results for 1st Quarter 2010/11Download PDF
11.05.2010AT&S results for the financial year and fourth quarter 2009/10Download PDF
26.04.2010AT&S OutlookDownload PDF
21.01.2010AT&S announces results for third quarter of FY 2009/10Download PDF
15.12.2009DI Andreas Gerstenmayer appointed as new CEODownload PDF
26.11.2009AT&S Guidance 2009/10 & 2010/11Download PDF
21.10.2009AT&S announces results for second quarter of FY 2009/10Download PDF
15.09.2009Chairman of AT&S Management Board to stand downDownload PDF
22.07.2009AT&S announces results for the 1st quarter 2009/10Download PDF
04.06.2009AT&S RestructuringDownload PDF
14.05.2009AT&S announces results for Q4 and financial year 2008/09Download PDF
09.04.2009AT&S OutlookDownload PDF
09.04.2009New orientation of AT&S strategy in mobile devices sectorDownload PDF
27.01.2009Results for third quarter 2008/09 ended 31 December 2008Download PDF
18.11.2008Capacities to be adapted at Leoben-HinterbergDownload PDF
21.10.2008Results for second quarter 2008/09, ended 30 Sept. 2008Download PDF
24.07.2008Results for first quarter 2008/09, to 30 June 2008Download PDF
03.07.2008General Assembly authorises prolongation of share repurchaseDownload PDF
14.05.2008AT&S plans to issue a corporate bondDownload PDF
14.05.2008Results for financial 2007/08 — year ended 31 March 2008Download PDF
07.05.2008Listing with Wiener Börse and delisting from Frankfurter BörseDownload PDF
12.03.2008AT&S builds a new plant in IndiaDownload PDF
24.01.2008Results for third quarter 2007/08, ended 31 December 2007Download PDF
24.10.2007Results for first half 2007/08, period ended 30 Sept. 2007Download PDF
26.07.2007Results for first quarter 2007/08 to June 30, 2007Download PDF
04.07.2007AT&S General Assembly authorizes share repurchase programDownload PDF
10.05.2007Results for financial 2006/07 – year ended March 31, 2007Download PDF
15.03.2007AT&S guidance for 2007/08Download PDF
25.01.2007Results for the third quarter 2006/07, ended 31 December 2006Download PDF
10.01.2007AT&S reduces guidance for 2006/07Download PDF
24.10.2006Results for the first half year 2006/07 to Sept. 30, 2006Download PDF
28.09.2006AT&S receivables from BenQ Mobile Germany covered by insuranceDownload PDF
11.09.2006AT&S increases Sales and Earnings ForecastDownload PDF
27.07.2006Results for the first quarter 2006/07 to June 30, 2006Download PDF
04.07.2006General Assembly authorizes prolongation of share repurchaseDownload PDF
19.06.2006AT&S does not expect any supply bottleneck after Panasonic fireDownload PDF
13.06.2006Production in Leoben may be affected by fire in Panasonic plantDownload PDF
10.05.2006Results for financial 2005/06 – year ended March 31, 2006Download PDF
20.04.2006AT&S share cancellation and share repurchase programDownload PDF
16.03.2006AT&S guidance for 2006/07 and 2007/08Download PDF
07.03.2006Acquisition of Korean manufacturer of flex.pcb's Tofic completedDownload PDF
08.02.2006AT&S to buy Korean manufacturer of flexible pcb'sDownload PDF
26.01.2006Results for first three quarters 2005/06 to 31 December 2005Download PDF
16.12.2005Profit WarningDownload PDF
25.10.2005Results for first half 2005/06 to September 30, 2005Download PDF
28.07.2005Results for the first quarter of 2005/06 to 30 June 2005Download PDF
07.06.2005AT&S sees opportunity in Siemens/BenQ transactionDownload PDF
10.05.2005AT&S result for the financial year 2004/05 as of 31 March 2005Download PDF
03.03.2005AT&S transferring production from works at Fohnsdorf to LeobenDownload PDF
26.01.2005Result for the third quarter of 2004/05 to 31 December 2004Download PDF
21.10.2004Results for the first half year of 2004/05 to 30 September 2004Download PDF
17.09.2004AT&S builds second plant in ShanghaiDownload PDF
28.07.2004Result for the first quarter of 2004/05 to 30 June 2004Download PDF
15.06.2004AT&S profits from new 2n2 technologyDownload PDF
06.05.2004Result of the 2003/04 financial year to 31 March 2004Download PDF
06.04.2004AT&S increases earnings guidanceDownload PDF
24.02.2004AT&S is appointing a new board memberDownload PDF
27.01.2004Third quarter results for 2003/04 as of 31 December 2003Download PDF

Ad-hoc Announcements