Additional Information for the ITP



  • For this graduate program we offer an annual gross salary of EUR 47.600,- for the first year and an attractive compensation & benefits package for your assignment abroad.

Besides the compensation we offer:

  • Assistance with the application for a Red-White-Red Card for non-EU nationals
  • Support in looking for accommodation in Austria for the first 12 months and, following that, in China or India
  • Membership with the Club International (CINT). As one of our partners, CINT supports you with general matters ranging from labor law to your tax return in Austria
  • Assistance with a successful entry into the company
  • Participation in in-house networking events
  • Look-and-see trip to your final work destination
  • "AT&S has achieved a globally leading position in the printed circuit board and substrate industry." Andreas Gerstenmayer, CEO

AT&S has achieved a globally leading position in the printed circuit board and Substrate industry. The declared goal to be the “First choice for advanced applications” and to expand further in the future is the core of our innovation strategy. Growing by more than 10 percent per year, AT&S clearly ​outperformed the market in the past 8 years. All of these developments are carried by our global AT&S team. To enable a continued successful development, we need highly committed, qualified and responsible employees. We will continue to develop and further expand the team of AT&S in the future. Especially in this context, measures like the International Trainee Program play a central role. Here, we develop the AT&S key employees of the future. This way, determined people can make an excellent entry into AT&S, learn the specifics of ​our business and our technologies and acquire the necessary skills for a successful career in the dynamic world of electronics.”

Andreas Gerstenmayer, CEO

What is important for non-EU applicants:

To be able to participate in the trainee program, the following requirements must be met for a Red-White-Red Card to be permitted to work in Austria:

  • University degree in technical studies (Master’s degree)
  • At least one year of work experience (fulltime employment)
  • Knowledge of German (at least A1 level) or knowledge of English (at least B1 Level)