Former AT&s Press Releases

DatePress ReleaseDownload
22.10.2012AT&S Half Year Results 2012/13Download PDF
24.07.2012AT&S Results for the 1st Quarter 2012/13Download PDF
10.05.2012Strong finish for AT&SDownload PDF
28.02.2012 Hermes Press ReleaseDownload PDF
24.01.2012AT&S sales in Mobile Devices reach new record highDownload PDF
19.01.2012AT&S and MFLEX launch strategic allianceDownload PDF
10.11.2011AT&S places EUR 100 million corporate bondDownload PDF
20.10.2011AT&S reports solid second quarterDownload PDF
20.07.2011AT&S Results for the 1. Quarter 2011/12Download PDF
07.07.2011AT&S Annual General MeetingDownload PDF
10.05.2011AT&S Results Financial Year 2010/11Download PDF
24.02.2011Panasonic Electronic Devices Licenses Multi-layer Resin Board Download PDF
25.01.2011AT&S results 3rd Quarter 2010/11Download PDF
29.11.2010AT&S launches new technologyDownload PDF
29.10.2010AT&S at electronica 2010 international trade fair in MunichDownload PDF
21.10.2010AT&S results 1st Half-Year 2010/11Download PDF
22.07.2010AT&S results 1st Quarter 2010/11Download PDF
11.05.2010AT&S results for the FY and the fourth quarter 2009/10Download PDF
06.05.2010IPC awards HERMES research paperDownload PDF
28.04.2010AT&S audits completed successfullyDownload PDF
26.04.2010AT&S OutlookDownload PDF
13.04.2010AT&S presents PCBs for lighting applicationsDownload PDF
21.01.2010AT&S results for third quarter of FY 2009/10Download PDF
19.01.2010AT&S & Solland: prototype production line for photovoltaicsDownload PDF
15.12.2009DI Andreas Gerstenmayer appointed as new CEODownload PDF
02.12.2009AT&S supports Down Syndrome Competence Centre in LeobenDownload PDF
21.10.2009AT&S – results for second quarter of financial 2009/10Download PDF
19.10.2009NucleuS production technology boosting efficiencyDownload PDF
06.10.2009AT&S with integrated management systemDownload PDF
22.09.2009AT&S India achieved Elcina awards 2008/09Download PDF
15.09.2009Chairman of the AT&S Management Board to stand downDownload PDF
10.09.2009AT&S and Häusermann in technology partnershipDownload PDF
09.09.2009Restructuring AT&S plant LeobenDownload PDF
19.08.2009AT&S awarded as top supplier by HuaweiDownload PDF
27.07.2009AT&S „Achiever of the Year“ within supplier ranking of TQ-GroupDownload PDF
22.07.2009AT&S announces results for first quarter of financial 2009/10Download PDF
07.07.2009 AT&S is reported the largest HDI PCB plant in ChinaDownload PDF
04.06.2009AT&S RestructuringDownload PDF
19.05.2009AT&S provides ZTE with most advanced PCBsDownload PDF
14.05.2009AT&S posts respectable earnings in difficult market environment Download PDF
09.04.2009AT&S OutlookDownload PDF
12.03.2009AT&S build medical centre and kindergarten in IndiaDownload PDF
02.03.2009AT&S launches new Online Ordering System at www.ats.netDownload PDF
27.01.2009AT&S achieves positive operating profitsDownload PDF
16.01.2009AT&S moves Klagenfurt plant to short-time workingDownload PDF
18.11.2008Capacities to be adapted at Leoben-HinterbergDownload PDF
21.10.2008AT&S posts record earnings in difficult market environmentDownload PDF
15.09.2008AT&S Solutions develops novel GPS/AGPS moduleDownload PDF
12.09.2008AT&S shares exclusiv trade with Vienna Stock ExchangeDownload PDF
12.08.2008AT&S among top 30 foreign investors in Shanghai, ChinaDownload PDF
05.08.2008AT&S celebrates ground breaking of new plant in IndiaDownload PDF
31.07.2008AT&S establishes new sales & marketing subsidiary in San JoseDownload PDF
24.07.2008Revenues up despite weak quarterDownload PDF
01.07.2008AT&S cooperates with Solland SolarDownload PDF
02.06.2008AT&S setzt auf Industrialisierung der Embedding TechnologieDownload PDF
14.05.2008AT&S reports record resultsDownload PDF
24.01.2008AT&S posts strongest sales for first nine months in its historyDownload PDF
24.10.2007AT&S increases operating profit by 18%Download PDF
09.08.2007AT&S sets another milestone in ShanghaiDownload PDF
26.07.2007AT&S drives up quarter’s revenues for tenth successive timeDownload PDF
10.05.2007AT&S exceeds expectations and increases dividendDownload PDF
25.01.2007AT&S increase sales and earnings significantlyDownload PDF
24.10.2006AT&S first half results once again exceed expectationsDownload PDF
18.10.2006AT&S erhält Nanotechnologie-PreisDownload PDF
27.07.2006AT&S exceeds expectations with record quarterDownload PDF
09.06.2006AT&S receives “Supplier Recognition Award” from Sony-EricssonDownload PDF
10.05.2006AT&S hits targets and posts record salesDownload PDF
20.04.2006AT&S buys back own sharesDownload PDF
20.03.2006AT&S awarded “Best Supplier 2005” by BenQDownload PDF
08.02.2006AT&S buys high-tech company in KoreaDownload PDF
26.01.2006AT&S revenue and EBIT up 12% and 13% respectivelyDownload PDF
19.01.2006AT&S in Leoben neu aufgestelltDownload PDF
25.10.2005AT&S continues to perform ahead of expectationsDownload PDF
14.09.2005AT&S will start production in Shanghai II in August 2006Download PDF
28.07.2005AT&S increases full year guidance after the first quarterDownload PDF
06.07.2005AT&S General Meeting appoints new Supervisory BoardDownload PDF
18.05.2005Construction of second AT&S plant in Shanghai beginsDownload PDF
10.05.2005AT&S: review good, prospects betterDownload PDF
19.04.2005AT&S and RIM extend strategic supplier agreement and cooperationDownload PDF
03.03.2005AT&S: Fohnsdorf relocation with modernisation investments readyDownload PDF
26.01.2005AT&S profits double despite weak dollarDownload PDF
21.10.2004AT&S demonstrates new growth optionsDownload PDF
17.09.2004AT&S builds second plant in ChinaDownload PDF
28.07.2004AT&S continues to grow after record quarterDownload PDF
06.05.2004AT&S advances by leaps and boundsDownload PDF
06.02.2004AT&S: Clear Signal to KlagenfurtDownload PDF
27.01.2004AT&S AcceleratingDownload PDF