AT&S’s insider rules include firstly the Group Guidelines on the Prevention of Misuse of Insider Information.

These inform all our employees, executive bodies and other people working on behalf of the company of the legal prohibition on misusing insider information, the passing on of information within the company and the compliance with organizational measures to prevent insider dealing offences. Reference is also made therein to the relevant points of law, such as to the so-called primary and secondary insiders.

Expanded Company Guidelines

In addition, there are Expanded Company Guidelines for the Prevention of the Misuse of Insider Information which apply to persons working in so-called confidentiality areas, which includes people on the management board, the supervisory board, all employees, the works council and other persons with access to potentially confidential information. There are special rules for these confidentiality areas regarding the passing on of information within the company. As a result, these guidelines ensure that the flow of information from these sensitive areas of the company is subject to particularly strict rules.