Corporate Governance

AT&S Austria Technologie & Systemtechnik AG (AT&S) declares its voluntary adherence to the Austrian Code of Corporate Governance (ÖCGK) in the version of January 2020.

AT&S has for many years followed a strategy designed to further long-term, sustainable growth in the value of the company, and explicitly endorses comprehensive corporate governance. Until 19 May 2008 AT&S was listed only on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, and complied with all the “shall” recommendations of the German Corporate Governance Code. Following the move in financial year 2008/09 from the Frankfurt Stock Exchange to the Vienna Stock Exchange, AT&S has adopted the Austrian Corporate Governance Code. An undertaking to comply with the ÖCGK is a requirement for Austrian companies looking to be listed on the Vienna Stock Exchange’s Prime Market. You can find additional information on our Corporate Governance in our annual report and the Corporate Governance Report

Code of Corporate Governance

In Austria the Code of Corporate Governance drawn up by the Working Group for Corporate Governance under the guidance of the Special Government Representative for the Capital Market has been in force since 1 October 2002. The Code contains all the rules essential to good corporate governance.
The German version of the ÖCGK currently in force can be downloaded from the Working Group’s website, An English translation of the Code and interpretations of the Code prepared by the Working Group are also available there.

AT&S Code of Business Ethics and Conduct

In addition to the ÖCGK, AT&S has established its own Code of Business Ethics and Conduct, which describes how AT&S conducts its business in an ethical and socially responsible way. The guidelines apply to all AT&S’s activities worldwide, and all AT&S employees without exception are expected to abide by the Code in the exercise of their business and professional activities and their daily work. Stricter or more detailed guidelines may be established for specific regions, countries or functions, but they must be consistent with this corporate policy.

AT&S Compliance Code

We give the highest priority to the equal treatment and provision of comprehensive information to all shareholders. The Group has installed a Compliance Code (“Extended Group Guidelines on the Prevention of Misuse of Insider Information”) which implements the provisions of the Issuer Compliance Code published by the Austrian Finance Market Authority. Compliance is monitored on an ongoing basis by the compliance officer. You can find further information here.