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Have you almost completed your degree, consistently achieving the highest grades? And do you already have a clear idea of the subject of your dissertation or master’s thesis? Then

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We will be pleased to discuss your proposal with you and look at ways of accommodating you at the AT&S Group.

What you need to know in advance

You are responsible for maintaining close contact with your supervisor at university to ensure that your chosen subject is suitable for your dissertation or thesis. Your application should include a letter of motivation and a resume, as well as a clear indication of the value of your paper for AT&S.


Once it has been established that your proposal is compatible with AT&S’s requirements, you will be assigned a contact person who will help you organise and carry out your research during your time with the Group. To maximise the benefits to AT&S and to you as author of the dissertation or thesis, we expect you to work independently, and demonstrate initiative and a willingness to learn.


Your application should consist of

  • a cover letter
  • a resume
  • a letter of motivation
  • a summary of benefits for AT&S
  • details of when you would like to complete your internship

Please submit your application here:

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