Different subsegments & applications Industrial

The applications of AT&S PCBs comprises a vast array of technological requirements. The end products run from measurement and control systems to industrial computers and avionics. All this calls for high degree of adaptability. For AT&S flexibility of the highest degree and the capability to quickly adapt to changing specifications and technologies are indispensable to success in this sector.



Applications in the Lighting industries are illumination of buildings, rooms, professional working lights, signals.

Our PCBs are used in architectural, Safety Systems Lighting/Electronic Signal.

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Applications in the Power Segment comprises equipment to generate, convert, transmit, distribute power.

Our PCBs are used in Power Generation, Power Inverters, Smart Grid/Home, Smart Meters.

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Instruments & Controls

Equipment are used to measure, monitor and control.

Our PCBs are used in Sensoric, Process and Manufacturing Control, Human Machine Interface.

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The Transportation Segment includes commercial and passenger transport, Signalling, Rolling Stocks etc.

Our PCBs are used in braking Systems, Intrain communication, Tracking, Control Devices etc.

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All other electronics that are used for industrial applications.

Our PCBs are used in Infrastructure, Building, Commercial/Consumer Appliances, HVACm Payment Terminals.

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