Embedding Technology for Semiconductor Packaging

ECP® is the brand new, commercially available embedded component packaging technology from AT&S. ECP® is directly aimed at fulfilling “next generation” requirements of component integration, form factor reduction, reliability enhancement and cost performance for existing and new applications in the Electronics Industry.

ECP® is already offering solutions to application challenges in the following Market segments

  • Smartphone and Tablet
  • Medical Devices
  • Industrial Sensorics
  • Integrated MEMS

Applications in the Automotive sector, such as power electronics, safety critical control modules, integrated sensors are also under qualification.

Utilising state of the art flexible manufacturing methods and with our dedicated Project Management team we assure the highest standards of product, engineering and project management.

Combining the key benefits of with dramatic form factor reduction, class-leading reliability performance and dramatic improvements in “ease of use” of the component, ECP® is the optimal choice for component packaging in challenging applications

ECP® – the Leading Chip Embedding Technology for Semiconductor Packaging