Embedding Technology for Medical Devices

Medical applications drive device performance and reliability to new levels. Integration and functionality are key competitive factors that differentiate successful products.

ECP® allows maximum feature integration in the smallest possible space, with no compromise on package reliability or performance.

ECP® is manufactured to the highest standards of precision and cleanliness and has been proven to offer significant integration and durability benefits over existing package types.

ECP® – dramatic benefits for next generation devices

Hearing Aid – Functional performance is a crucial differentiator, a compelling reason to buy one manufacturer’s product over another – typical features include directional microphones, sophisticated noise cancelling capability, integrated Bluetooth®. Combine these functional requirements with the clear desire to conceal the device, either in the ear canal or behind the ear, and it is clear that ECP® offers dramatic benefits for next generation devices. Dramatic form factor reduction combined with expected power consumption reduction.

ECP® – the Leading Chip Embedding Technology for Medical Devices